Best Games to Play Alone

I like being social. I really do. Sometimes though, I just want to relax and enjoy some me-time. There are games that I like to play alone. Some people relax by playing the slots or some other online casino games, or even by betting with Paddy Power Grand National. Others take out their mobile phones and play Candy Crush. I like to turn the TV on, wrap a blanket around me, start my PC or PS4, and zone out. Here are some games that you can play alone.

Portal and Portal 2

Portal and Portal 2 are platform puzzle games. In them, you have to utilize a portal to complete the puzzles and escape the rooms while a homicidal robot is out to get you. If you are looking for a single-player experience, stick with Portal. Portal 2 has a single-player mode, but it also allows you to partner up with someone in order to solve puzzles.

It has mechanics that are very much those of a first-person shooter, though you don’t have any weapons, save your portal gun, and it doesn’t deal damage, it just closes and opens holes in space. The only downside to the games is that they have little replay value – once you figure out the puzzles, you are likely to remember them.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

You know how, when your life isn’t going all that great, it is easy to be unproductive and sit in front of the screen while a game tells you how awesome you are with numbers, colors and achievements? By that definition, Dark Souls is not a game.

Careful planning, grinding, and finding a strategy that works all fall to pieces when you get blindsided by a boulder or an enemy that is leaping at you. Get comfortable with the ‘YOU DIED’ text – you will be seeing it quite a lot in this epic saga. If you think this game and its sequels are too hard, I’ll tell you the same thing the internet told me when I was struggling: “Git gud!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The latest installment in The Witcher series, the gameplay is consistent with the books it is based on. An action RPG where you have one sword for the monsters and the other for the humans, as you travel through the world full of Eastern European myths and legends.

The game is also the most user-friendly in the series, providing you with a dialogue wheel similar to what you may be used to in Mass Effect and a very immersive story. It is perfect for turning the world off for a few hours.

Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite

If you enjoy creepy stories with a warped sense of utopia gone awry, these two are perfect. There is institutionalized racism, elitism, mutations, and other strong themes you have to deal with as you are fighting for survival in a crazy world.

Without spoiling anything, both games have independent stories, but the utopia-turned-dystopia theme is the strongest motif in both. Additionally, there is a DLC for Infinite, with a short mission that somewhat connects the two games. Whether you like intricate stories, scary visuals, or just want to shoot at something, the Bioshock series has got you covered.