Let’s Talk About Wii Sports

The first time I laid eyes on a Wii, I was stoked. Especially when I came across the Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. The games gave me nostalgic feelings since the simplicity of some of these reminded me of the time my parents bought my first game system and we all played together… Anyway, let’s discuss Wii Sports: the games it has, the impact on the industry, and how it made us feel.


There are five sports disciplines in this game: tennis, boxing, golf, bowling, and baseball. You need to clear up some space in front of the TV because the game uses motion sensors to make sure you are playing it right by swinging the joypad the same way you would a racket, club, or bat. The games keep score of your performance, though some of them don’t do it during the multiplayer game sessions.

You have your own little avatar, one per player profile, which is called a Mii. You can create it in your likeness, though it will still look like a piece from the Sorry! board game.

One could argue (as I could and am) that Wii Sports have done a lot in the prevention of alienation in gaming. More and more gaming companies are focusing on online play, so it is refreshing to find that there are still games that are interesting enough to organize a social gathering around.

Fitness vs Couch Potatoes

Wii Sports also paved the way for some Wii games directed at fitness. If you want to have a workout, you can start with boxing or tennis. The wonderful thing about this experience is that it urges you to get up and play, rather than just sit down.

Because the games allow up to four players, you can either take turns or try to find a game that includes more people at once. It made other consoles experiment with motion sensors, which brought about some interesting titles.

Wii Sports Resort

In all honesty, I was slightly more excited about Wii Sports Resort, because of many different disciplines and minigames. Sure, boxing is fun, but my favorite games that are not available on Wii Sports are archery and sword fighting. The levels get progressively more difficult, and you can see your overall progress and whether your skills are improving or declining. The sudden death in the sword fighting game had me waving the pad like a lunatic.

To Sum Up

Nintendo did it again. It is important to know who the pioneer is when it comes to gaming and their modes. Wii Sports lets you play games without getting yourself integrated into your couch. It is social, fun, and the Mii characters are cute.