Soccer Sims for the Wins

Do you have an annoying cousin that pesters you until you start the system for them to play their favorite games? I’ve got one of those, but I tolerate him because, let’s face it, I am that cousin sometimes.

The games that required getting used to are now some of the games I play with him on a regular basis. Here are some of his favorites, and mine – soccer simulations! Be advised that I’m not including mobile games on this list, simply because I don’t play those. However, I think you’ll find these three titles interesting.

ISS Pro Evolution

That’s right – before FIFA and PES, this was where it was at. A few more years and this game will be old enough to buy a drink. If you have a PlayStation dinosaur, like yours truly, or if you find the game and play it on an emulator, you are in for a treat. Some players have their actual names, while others sound and are written as a flea market bootleg copy.

However, it was the best soccer game of its time, and its popularity has not diminished when compared to some of the current games. Check out the game’s score on Metacritic – it is still awesome.


27 leagues available across a multitude of platforms. Ah, the days before console wars. This was also before EA controversies. The game is addictive, authentic, and it has an online mode. It is also, arguably, the best in the FIFA series.

To be honest, other games in the FIFA series are decent as well, and many of them are open to other platforms. If you are a real soccer fan, you may want to check them out. I still prefer the ISS Pro Evolution, but I’ll take FIFA over some of the PES installments any day.

Rocket League

If you’re tired of soccer, but still want to play soccer, with some adrenaline-pumped action (dopamine really does a number on a person, doesn’t it?), feast your eyes on Rocket League. Up to eight players can face off in soccer matches where there are no human players, but cars with rocket boosters.

Every goal is a beauty and the funny moments you and your friends experience in the field will rival those of any YouTuber. The gameplay is smooth, the visuals are amazing, and the action never stops. PS4 players are, unfortunately, missing out on the awesome cross-platform play. Now, you don’t have to choose one or the other – if you have a friend who doesn’t have a PC, but an Xbox One, or Switch, you can still play together.

To Sum Up

While there have been attempts to reinvent the wheel by the most powerful soccer game franchises, which we can see in the FIFA game series, it is still very difficult to beat the classics. That being said, when there is a sensation that makes soccer 100% more intense, like Rocket League, you can bet that gamers that are into soccer are going to go wild. I feel it is necessary to point out once more that this is my personal preference and not an objective assessment of the games. Still, Rocket League is freakin’ awesome!