Top YouTube Gaming Channels

Just a quick heads up, this list is a mix of facts and personal preferences, so you are more than welcome to disagree with it. That being said, even if you disagree on who needs to be on the top, you can’t deny that these channels are awesome. Here are my picks for the top gaming YouTube channels. It breaks my heart not to include PewDiePie on this list, but Felix’s channel hasn’t been about gaming for a while.

VanossGaming / Evan Fong

Like many video game creators, Vanoss made himself famous by posting montages of himself and his friends playing games and having fun. He currently has around 24 million subscribers and his most popular videos feature playing various Gmod variations. He’s cool, he’s funny, and definitely worth checking out.

elrubiusOMG / Rubén Doblas Gundersen

With the amazing 34 million subscribers, Elrubius is still going strong. All the content is in Spanish, obviously, though Rubén can speak English and Norwegian as well, and his most popular videos include playing Minecraft and conducting various challenges, like the Photobooth Challenge, or the Lie Detector Challenge.

Fernanfloo / Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado

This is a YouTuber that comes from El Salvador and has managed to amass 32 million subscribers. His most popular videos include GTA V funny moments, Christmas Shopping Simulator, and various challenges. It is unclear how long he is going to stay one of the top gaming channels since, at the time I’m writing this piece, he hasn’t posted a video in two months.

DanDTM / Daniel Robert Middleton

His username used to be The Diamond Minecart, and he is most popular for, you’ve guessed it, Minecraft videos. The 27-year old has about 21 million subscribers and, even though he eased up on Minecraft over the years, he hasn’t escaped the obligatory hair dye for gaming channels.

VEGETTA777 / Samuel de Luque Batuecas

If someone is obsessed with unicorns, that would be this guy. He has 26 million subscribers and his most famous clips feature Minecraft and GTA V. I have to admit that I haven’t really watched his videos, but he seems okay.

Ninja / Richard Tyler Blevins

Another disclaimer – I’m not a big fan of Fortnite, so I don’t really follow Ninja that much. That being said, the guy is awesome. He is not only a YouTuber but a professional gamer as well – he played for Cloud9 and is currently playing for Luminosity Gaming. He does a ton of charity work and the only thing that doesn’t go for the guy is that cringe-fest of YouTube Rewind. Come, on, man!

Jacksepticeye / Seán William McLoughlin

“Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome (back) to [game]!” I just love his 21 million subs (approaching 22), the nonsensical rants while playing, and his version of the Funniest Home Videos. He is also a philanthropist and currently lives in Brighton, UK.

Markiplier / Mark Edward Fischbach

Markimoo’s most popular videos feature Five Nights at Freddy’s and Try Not To Laugh Challenges, though it is both hilarious and sad to see him play rage games, like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.