What are the Most Popular Slots Games?

As online casinos are becoming more and more popular due to sites like the roulettegeeks.ro, many people naturally want to know more about this industry. They want to know the history of casinos and what games are the most fun to play. Well, one thing that has always been a casino hit are the slot games. Slots games are wonderfully colorful and cheerful, even when you lose. This can be annoying, especially if a couple of spins in a row end up with you losing money rather than winning anything. Still, slots games are extremely entertaining as they take gambling and make it just that, gambling. There is no skill needed here, you just select paylines and you’re good to go. Watching the reels spin often reminds people of lotteries or bingo. Still, slots are games of their own, having popular choices in their own ranks.

Age of the Gods Series

Yes, it’s an entire series of slots games. When slots games have their own sequels, or rather, improvements and variations of already existing games, then you know you’ve done something right. This series of games comes from a renowned developer, Playtech, you can choose from a couple of their Age of the Gods games, each offering different gods and scenarios. The original game offers Greek gods, the next one, called Fate Sisters, well, offers you Fate Sisters. There is also another one called Furious 4, which has another 4 Greek gods, namely Apollo, Hephaestus, Atlas and Pandora. Each of them is a special character in the game and can win you bonuses.

Thunderstruck II

It’s not a song from AC/DC nor its spiritual sequel, but rather a slots game with Norse mythology. The thunder in the name refers to Thor, of course, the Norse god of thunder, which is a character in the game. The game has over 240 paylines, which is more than other games offer, plenty more. You also get a bonus room if you get a couple of correct character in a payline, the room being called the Great Hall of Great Spins. This wonderful game comes from Microgaming.

A Night Out

Another Playtech masterpiece and here is why. It’s a slot machine game which manages to look like a casual friday or saturday night. what more could you want from a game? Of course, it has bonus spins and a Bonus Barman. 2 of those gets you six lady symbols, who apparently want a drink. You need to select the correct drink, mind you. The game offers very small bets, as well as large ones. It has 5 reels, like most slot machine games.


This game comes from NetEnt and is a classic. It is a very simple game with 5 reels and 10 paylines. Yes, you do get bonuses and can win a lot of money but the beauty of this game is definitely in its simplicity. Betting anything from a 1/10 of a dollar to 100 dollars is possible with this slots game.

Slots games are entertaining, and these are some of the more popular ones. The list is not complete, as there are so many great games, Beach Life, Circus of Cash, Desert Treasure and many more. If you are tempted to try these slots games, please make sure that you gamble responsibly.